Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello, It's me Again

So...Junior year...woo yeah...
It's going pretty well so far. I live with 4 pretty cool people whom I didn't kow prior to moving in. The cool part about that is none of us knew eachother, so we're all learning each other at the same speed.
Family Photo:

That pic is hanging on the wall above the entertainment center.

Other than that...I've been writing for the Daily Kent Stater this semester. That has kept me pretty busy, and has made my Spanish suffer. I'm already behind in Spanish class. Latin dance class is rediculious...I like dancing, but for 2 and a half hours with no break in a non-air conditioned room with no windows with sweaty strangers is no good. That was a run on sentence, but I dont give a care.
Here are links to 2 of my stories:

(no time for tinyurl, I'm rushing)

Other than that, BallKid lost all kinds of respect from me. In short, I will never be thirsty again.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I want to redirect you all to my new blog, Crack Rock Surprise, at


Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Debut Single

So I've always had this hidden agenda to be a DJ someday. When I was asked to do the music for Ashley's make-up scene in a fashion show she's doing (Saturday). I jumped at the chance. This is the final mix. and I hope you enjoy.

The Name is EseHombre, I live my life different-lay!

Soca Tcheca Vol. 1 - Ese Hombre

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am not a One-Trick Pony

Do I look high?

"I wish I could fit myself in my pocket, and tie myself to a rocket, and send myself to outer space, I wish I had a different face...I wish my life was a little less seedy, why am I always so greedy?" -Lily Allen, "Cheryl Tweedy"

In my tavels I have found that it's better to be a happy, easy-going person. You make more friends that way, not to mention the fun you'll have.

"Life is 5% what happens and 95% how you react."
"Always question authority"
"In order to BE fierce, you have to KNOW you're fierce. In order to KNOW you're fierce, you have to BE fierce."
These three quotes have helped my life and my confidence, tremendously.

I can't wait for this year to start, I'm shitting on everybody.

A mix I made for Sat's Show

I'm putting it here to make sure I have mad back-ups. This, I guess, is me being a DJ.
[URL=]satisfaction.mp3 - 8.21MB[/URL]

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Mourning.

I'm sitting here @ work, Looking like a jerk
(You're a jerk, You're a jerk!)
Outside, my gas tank's on E
Wanna hop in my car so I can be free.
But the little bit of gas I got won't get me far.
Gettin broker everyday just because I have a car.
I wanna take a trip across the world, but I got no funds
So I'm runnin round like a squirel trynna get a nut
They say Africans live in tiki huts, some do, but some
livin in homes like king tut.
They made their money off of exploiting the impovrished
kindda like a crack dealer in my hood. On some real ish.
I really like that song by Nina Sky called 'On Some Bullshit'.
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Dawn in Melbourne - Kayta Hackman

Thursday, June 11, 2009

MayJor laZer


Don't you love a good collaboration? Especially when it's a GOOD one. Well Diplo+Switch got together and came up with the concept of a Jamaican super hero, and birthed was Major Lazer. The epitome of a man: Funky, schizophrenic, club-friendly, potheaded, Auto-Tuned, a father, and a womanizer. It's Diplo giving the people what they want and Switch giving us Americans an out of body experience. We're Major Lazer's fans singing his praises as we shake and gyrate in a Jamaican dance-hall. Major Lazer keeps the creepy, rhythm less, blood-sucking vampires aweigh.